Gibbons get egg-cited!

Tuesday and Saturday afternoons are egg-citing times for our family of lar gibbons – as that’s when they get to eat hard boiled eggs.

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Dad Huggy, mum Meo and their daughter Penny each get an egg dropped into their enclosure by Keepers twice a week.

Their little six-month-old son, Indah, is too young to have a whole egg but has tried some of mum’s.

DZG’s Head of Upper Primates, Pat Stevens, said: “They love their eggs, especially Huggy who is always first in line.

“We boil the eggs on Tuesday and Saturday mornings so they have time to cool and then we throw them into the enclosure in the afternoons as we are walking by.

“The gibbons peel off the shells to get to the eggs and you can see how much they enjoy them.

“It’s all part of their balanced diet and we give them a variety of foods on different days.”

So what else is on the menu for our gibbons?

Well, Monday they get pasta, Friday means brown rice and a couple of other days in the week they get live food, including locusts and mealworms.