Giant trees for minute mice

Two of DZG’s giant beech trees have been felled and branches given to some of our tiniest creatures – three spiny mice.

The 100ft-tall tree at the golden pheasant enclosure has been severely cut back and the beech near the giraffe feeding platform, which was around the same height, has been removed completely.

Other offcuts have been enjoyed by our family of Bactrian camels, dad Charles, mum Jimandi and three-year-old daughter Fergie.

The tree work was carried out by tree surgeon Dave Dudfield, assisted by our gardening team, as part of DZG’s tree maintenance programme.

The zoo carries out an arboriculture review of the site every five years to identify where maintenance work is needed and what priority the tasks are given.

Senior Keeper Kirsty Thornton said: “The three spiny mice have been gnawing at chunks of the tree and are using it to grind their teeth down naturally.

“Rodents teeth constantly grow so nibbling at the wood is a great way to keep them nice and trim.”

The three mice are all girls but have never been named.

Zoo Director Derek Grove said regular tree reviews formed part of the site’s safety checks to keep our visitors and animals safe.