Ghost moves on

We’ve waved goodbye to our alpha male reindeer, Ghost, who’s moved to another collection.

The five year-old has moved to Blackpool Zoo as part of a breeding programme after siring a number of youngsters in the short time he spent at DZG.

He came to Dudley 18 months ago from the Scottish Deer Centre in Cupar, Fife and immediately made an impression with our female herd, as we welcomed two baby girls – Sunflower and Jasmine, born out of season during last year’s summer heatwave to mums Lily and Blizzard.

And this year he’s also fathered three further youngsters, two girls and a boy – Ivy, Doreen and Basil, born to Maggie, Bracken and Lily.

It is hoped we’ll introduce a new male to the herd in the coming months.