Getting to grips!

Lorikeet Lookout offers visitors the chance to get even closer to our animals – and as Birds Section Leader, Nicola Wright has discovered some get a bit too close for comfort!

Nicola handreared rainbow lorikeets Bonnie and Clyde as chicks when they first arrived at DZG in 2016 and they love it when she’s on duty in the walkthrough exhibit, as they’ve discovered a fun game in pulling the clips out of her hair – which was captured on camera by Zoo Director Derek Grove!

Nicola said: “They’re a cheeky pair and know when I’m working in there, as they always come and have a go and don’t give up until they’ve got all the clips out of my hair!”

We have 27 free-flying lorikeets in the building, including a black capped lory and a green naped lorikeet, which visitors can themselves get close to by purchasing pots of nectar to feed them with.