Gaz’s zoo role

Meet the man with the £2,500 weekly shopping bill whose new job is to make sure all Dudley Zoo’s animals are well fed.

Gaz Arnold has joined DZG as store manager and with 1,600 animals in our collection – that’s a lot of mouths to feed!

The dad-of-two from Tipton is responsible for arranging food deliveries for our animals and collecting goods from suppliers and is loving the new challenge.

The 33-year-old used to work for Midlands Chilled Foods as a nights supervisor but after 13 years in the role wanted to leave the night shifts behind.

Gaz said: “I’m really enjoying the new job and like working with the rest of the stores team. We make sure we give the animals the freshest fruit, vegetables, meat and fish.

“I’ve had a warm welcome from colleagues who have been helping me settle in.”

DZG Conservation Officer Chris Leeson had been covering the role for several months before Gaz arrived and has been showing him the ropes.

On average, to last a week, the zoo’s fruit and veg order includes 258lb cabbage, 412lb carrots, 71 cauliflowers, 71 swedes, 42lb onions, 227lb potatoes, 366lb apples, 62lb oranges, 78lb pears, 287lb bananas, 82lb tomatoes, 50 celery, 60 cucumbers and 56 broccoli. We also have fish, meat, specialised dry food and graze mix deliveries.

Good to have you with us Gaz!