G’day Alf!

A new male Parma wallaby has arrived at DZG to join our four females as part of a breeding programme.

Four-year-old Alf translocated from Cotswold Wildlife Park and Gardens last month and is settling in well.

Section Leader Jay Haywood said: “Alf has joined the other Parma wallabies in the enclosure opposite our tapirs and is getting on very well with his four lady friends.”

Parma wallabies originate from the forests of New South Wales, which is in the south east corner of Australia, and are also known as white-throated wallabies.


This species was thought to have become extinct until its rediscovery in 1965

It is the smallest of the Macropus family, the largest being the red kangaroo which is 10 times the weight of the Parma wallaby

A mother wallaby can produce two different types of milk to meet the nutritional needs of both a newborn joey and a joey that has left the pouch but still feeds