Future growth

We’re celebrating a growing success by planting 600 native trees to mark our 76th anniversary.

dzg_carl_tree_1Head gardener, Carl Stevens – pictured – and his five-strong workforce have planted the trees on the hillside of the 40-acre site to mark seven and a half decades since the zoo opened in 1937.

Carl said: “The trees are all around 18 months-old and will take a further 18 months to stabilise then will grow steadily for many years to come forming a spectacular sight.”

A recent survey found many of the site’s trees, which were planted more than a hundred years ago, are nearing the end of their natural life. Carl and his team have seized the opportunity to replace old trees with native species such as field maple, English oak and common beech.

Carl added: “We always replace felled trees to maintain our sustainable planting programme and any tree we do have to fell, providing it isn’t diseased, is made into woodchipping for many of the animal enclosures or the trunks are used as climbing features.”

The team of in-house gardeners oversee tree management and carry out regular safety checks across the site, which is also covered by a tree protection order.