Fur offers lynx links

A DZG big cat is contributing towards a European Endangered Species research project investgating the lineage of captive lynx.

js_lynx_fur_tape5   js_lynx_fur_tape5

Hair samples from 15-year-old Eurasian lynx, Chloe, have been sent  to researchers at Liberec Zoo in the Czech Republic for analysis.

The fur was taken from Chloe using special tape which keepers attached around the doorway of her enclosure.

Registrar and Research Co-ordinator, Dr David Beeston, said: “The tape is put around the door, so when Chloe passes through her fur sticks to it.

“This is a quick and easy way of collecting the sample and avoids having to restrain her to physically take it.”

He added DNA will be taken from Chloe’s hair, which will be used to ascertain whether she is a sub-specific hybrid or a pure bred member of one of the 10 Eurasian Lynx sub-species in the world.