Fun over festive clean-up!

When it comes to post-festive cleaning, DZG’s Carpathian lynx youngsters, Dick, Dom and Daphne, prefer to play with the broom!


The trio had a great time with the game, which was set up by big cat keepers as an enrichment activity for the cubs.

Section Leader, Jay Haywood, said: “We attached the broom handle to the zip wire in their enclosure and left them to devise their own games with it.

“It was soon whizzing up and down the wire as they had great fun tapping it. “

Although enrichment activities such as this one may look all fun and games, they actually serve an important purpose for the animals by encouraging their natural hunting behaviours.

Jay added: “By attaching different things to the zip wire for the cats to grab, it keeps them fit and healthy by working their muscles, as they have to try to attack it as it moves, just like they would if they were attacking live prey in the wild.”

Watch the lynx play with the broom head in the short clip below…