Full of beans!

DZG animals are full of beans thanks to a leading coffee specialist donating dozens of hessian sacks for enrichment.

sacks1Lincoln & York, based in North Lincolnshire, generously donated a huge box of empty coffee bean sacks to us after they were contacted by our Senior Keeper, Jodie Dryden and they’ve been put to great use with the likes of our Sumatran tigers, Bornean orangutans, Asiatic lions, meerkats, Asiatic otters and Carpathian lynx.

Jodie, pictured right with the delivery, said: “I saw the company featured on a TV documentary so emailed them to ask what they did with the empty hessian sacks and if they had any spare that they could consider donating to us.

“I was delighted when a huge box arrived within days, which we divided across the animal sections.

“Some were used as bedding for some species, while we used the majority as enrichment, stuffing them full with enticing smells and hiding treats inside for them to find and as the photographs and video footage shows, they were a huge hit!”

Enrichment within a zoo environment is hugely beneficial for animal welfare by stimulating and encouraging natural behaviours and we have our own enrichment committee who meet once a month to devise and construct enrichment activities for our 1,500 strong exotic animal collection.

Lincoln & York Sales Director, Bruce Clague, said: “We usually recycle our hessian sacks with a local company who turn it into environmentally friendly carpet underlay.

“But being an office of animal lovers we were all very excited to know they would be put to a different use.”

A huge thank you from all our animals and keepers!

Watch them in action in the mobile phone footage captured by our keepers below…