Fruity meerkat meals

Juicy pear kebabs were on the menu for our meerkat mob this week.

Apprentice Jessica Edwards cut up chunks of the fruit before threading them on to a small branch and popping them into the meerkat enclosure.

Assistant Curator Jay Haywood, said: “The kebabs didn’t last long, as the meerkats soon ate them up and it proved to be successful enrichment.

“We were particularly impressed that Jessica came up with the enrichment and carried it out herself and it’s great that she’s thinking like this and coming up with her own ideas.”

Jessica is one of four apprentices who joined us earlier this year as part of a year-long training scheme in partnership with KEITS.

The apprentices work a five-day week alongside ungulates, farm animals, birds and primates as part of a level two diploma in work based animal care.

Last month fellow apprentice, Mary Taylor, was awarded our first ever employee of the month award for her friendly and helpful nature towards visitors and staff.