From Singapore to DZG!

Nine-year-old Heather Hawkins made time for a very special holiday experience when she visited the UK with her dad, Jason.


Heather travelled from her home in Singapore to see relatives in Britain and also included a Little Zoo Keeper Day at DZG in her itinerary.

During her experience she shadowed keepers around the site and helped to feed and clean animals on the farm, met tapirs and giraffes and got close to free-roaming lemurs before feeding our rare Humboldtpenguins at the end of the day.

She said:?”I had a great time, and really enjoyed it, but my favourite animal was Shadow, the tame ferret.

“I liked Shadow so much I?have now adopted him for the next 12 months.”

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CAPTION: Heather Hawkins, from Singapore, fed rare Humboldt penguins, took a walk in Lemur Wood and also found time to say hello to Rothschild giraffe, Kubwa, during her Little Zoo Keeper Day.