Four weeks left…

There’s just four weeks left of our free return offer, so don’t delay… visit DZG today!

Running until the end of February, every full-paying visitor will be given a ticket to come back and see us again later in the year – and since launching the offer on January 1, we’ve handed out more than 1,500 free returns.

And there’ll be plenty to come back and see with the new £200,000 revamp of three enclosures – and today we’re excited to reveal the name of one of the new exhibits – Flamingo Falls!


DZG’s graphic designer, Rachel Lane and maintenance specialist, Dan Whitehead with the new sign

Designed by DZG’s new graphic designer, Rachel Lane, the colourful sign and Flamingo Falls logo shows the plans for the new £120,000 enlarged pool and indoor den, where visitors will be able to see the leggy birds even when they’re off show.

Rachel, said: “We’re all excited about the new developments, with Flamingo Falls open by Easter.

“So why not visit the zoo now to watch the work progressing and then use your free return visit to come back and see the enclosures open and occupied.”

web_free_returnAs part of the plans we’re also creating a brand new £40,000 walkthrough exhibit for rainbow lorikeets and developing a new £40,000 enclosure for our breeding groups of Sulawesi crested macaques and gelada baboons.

The return ticket will be valid until the end of July and an original receipt from the January / February visit will need to be produced on entry.