Four pigs turn six

Brothers Hamm, Wilba, Chuck and Little Ernie pigged out on birthday boxes full of treats as they are about to turn six.

The four piggy brothers enjoyed ripping into gift-wrapped boxes stuffed with straw, pellets, apple and carrot ahead of their sixth birthday tomorrow.

And the eve of their special day couldn’t be a better time to look back on one of their baby snaps!

Senior Keeper Kirsty Thornton said: “I still call the boys piglets, even though they are about to turn six. They were so completely adorable when they were born back in September 2012 and it was fun to watch them open their early presents.

“Hamm really got stuck into the parcels but mum Poppy and dad Harley had to give the others a helping hand to break into the boxes.”

The four brothers share their birthday with one of our girls on site. Come back tomorrow to see who else will be celebrating on September 27!