For Yoda and St George!

There’s a double celebration today at DZG . . .


We’ll be marking St George’s Day by flying the flag atop 11th century Dudley Castle at the heart of the zoological gardens, then carrying on the fun over at Lemur Wood where cheeky small primate, Yoda, celebrates his twelfth birthday.

dzg_castle_flag_eng_1_webCEO Peter Suddock said: “Yoda is a black-and-white ruffed lemur with a big character and always gets involved with anything that happens in Lemur Wood, and true to form he ran off with one of the St George’s flags we were using to decorate the site.

“But as it’s his birthday we’ll be holding a double celebration – one for Saint George and another for Yoda!”

He added: “The raising of the flag is part of a tradition at DZG and we are all very proud to see it fly from one of the Midlands’ best-loved landmarks.”    

Yoda celebrates his twelth birthday with Trainee Keeper, Harley Hunt, in Lemur Wood, a one-acre walkthrough enclosure that is home to more than 30 free-roaming small primates.