Foam party fun!

DZG’s seven chimpanzees enjoyed their first ever foam party in celebration of Barbie’s 39th birthday!

Lower Primate keepers emptied the indoor den’s flooring of woodchip before leaving a paddling pool filled with water and baby bubble bath in the middle, which was full of lots of treats for the girls to discover.

Keeper Harley Hunt, said: “We’ve never done this kind of enrichment for the girls before, so weren’t sure how they’d react to it.

“We added grapes, sultanas, pasta and tomatoes to the bubbly water, as well as CD’s that the girls love to use as mirrors and left the pool in the indoor den for them to discover.

“We also left sticks in the den for them to use as fishing rods, which encourages their natural behaviours, as tool use is something chimps would naturally do in the wild.

“The paddling pool was an instant hit and the girls spent well over 30 minutes playing and splashing in the bubbles, which also helped moisturise their skin at the same time.”

However, the celebrations were cut short when birthday girl, Barbie, decided to empty the water all over the floor, much to the annoyance of her 21-year-old daughter, Banika, who was having a great time playing!

Watch the chimps playing in the video below…