Flying visit!

Youngsters had a flying visit from DZG’s Head of Birds Kellie Piper when she took five birds of prey into a Walsall school.

The 10 and 11-year-old Year 6 pupils were visiting Joseph Leckie Academy to get a taste of secondary school life and had an hour-long lesson in avian flight from Kellie, which included meeting the birds.


ABOVE – Taking centre stage were Blue, Riot, Teal and Icarus

avianflightBlue, a red-footed falcon, was making his debut at a school event and was joined by Ferruginous buzzard Icarus, Harris hawk Teal, Gyr Saker falcon Riot and Echo, a barn owl.

The pupils got to have an even closer look at Riot, pictured left, and Echo as Kellie displayed them on the fist and took them round to meet the youngsters.

Kellie said: “The pupils were in the school to get a taster of the kind of activities they can expect to undertake at secondary school.

“They really enjoyed meeting the birds and learning all about how different birds adapt for flight.

“We talked about the structure of their feathers, about flightless birds, wing shapes and different ways of flying.”