Flippin’ great news!

Thirty one DZG Humboldt penguins have had a late Christmas present after receiving names from generous adopters.

Keepers discovered 40 of our 85-strong colony didn’t have names on their official zoo records, just identification numbers, so we offered penguin fans the chance to adopt and name them.

Marketing Assistant, Louise Curtis, said: “We were overwhelmed with the response and it’s flippin’ great news that so many of them have been named.

“Our registrar will now add each name on to the penguin ZIMS (Zoological Information Management System) records, which are individual permanent files that remain with every animal for its entire lifetime.

“The records are updated regularly by keepers with the animal’s health, care and wellbeing details.”

Some of the chosen names include Mabel, Scarlet Dawn, Blossom, Juan Salvador, Ollipop, Nigel Patrick, Cantona, Bev, Bamma and Wobble.

Adopters received a special certificate with their chosen name on, as well as a photograph and factsheet about their penguin.

But there are a few more needing names, with the special adoptions making fab birthday or Valentine’s presents!

Prices of the special penguin adoption packages start from £50 and also include the quarterly ZooNooz newsletter and a zoo admission ticket.

To adopt and name your own Humboldt penguin CLICK HERE or call 01384 215313.