Five-a-day feasts

Dudley Zoo’s new scarlet macaws are settling well into their luxury lodgings and lapping up their five-a-day feasts.

The eight vibrant birds arrived at DZG from Cornwall three weeks ago and moved into a large £30,000 home which replaced the 35-year-old group of three parrot aviaries.

Head of Birds, Nicola Wright, said the South American scarlet macaws were becoming more confident and enjoying exploring the spacious enclosure.

She said: “After a tentative start the birds are really gaining confidence and have started discovering all the different feeding stations.

“A typical breakfast is a mix of broccoli, carrots, peas, pear and mung beans so they are definitely getting their five-a-day!

“Because they all look so similar we are trying to pick out the nuances between each bird and getting to know their individual personalities.”

Take a look at the video of our stunning birds who are starting to feel right at home at DZG!