Fishy donation welcomed

Keepers have taken delivery of 65 boxes of surplus sprats from big-hearted staff at Drayton Manor Theme Park and Zoo.


Staff from the Staffordshire site handed over 1300kg of fish this week to storeman Tom Beeston – pictured above – for sealions Orry and Cleo and 66 Humboldt penguins.

DZG Senior Curator, Derek Grove, said: “This donation is worth around £700, so is a huge saving for us and we are very grateful to Drayton Manor Park for thinking of us.

“With two Patagonian sealions and the UK’s largest colony of Humboldt Penguins to feed, the fish won’t last long here, but will be very much appreciated by each and every one of them!”

Distributing food stocks is common practice among the zoo community.

Derek added: “This is something we have always done. Sharing surplus food stock stops waste and cuts down on extra delivery costs.

 “We always try to help each other out where possible, especially If one collection is running short of a food item and awaiting delivery of more, then they will contact neighbouring collections and borrow some in the meantime, which will be replaced following their next delivery.”