First Violet Turaco

We’ve had the first Violet Turaco to hatch at DZG in our 80 year history!

The chick hatched on July 1 and can be spotted eagerly clambering around the branches in one of the triple aviaries.

Birds Section Leader, Nicola Wright, said: “We’re really excited about the latest arrival, which is doing really well.

“It’s the first baby for the female, but mum has been doing a very good job of rearing it and we struggled to spot it in the first few days as she hid it very well in the nest, but it’s now fledged so is gaining more independence.”

A brightly coloured bird, Violet Turacos have a glossy violet plumage with a thick orange bill, yellow forehead and crimson crown.

The youngster is beginning to lose its initial fluffy grey down and starting to gain its adult waterproof feathers and keepers have also spotted the start of the first colouring to its head, although it won’t be fully coloured until its around a year old.

Our adult pair are part of a European studbook managed breeding programme and it is hoped our newest arrival will move to another collection in the future.

The Violet Turaco is found in the forests of West Africa, from southern Senegambia and Guinea, northern Nigeria and northwest Cameroon, extending south to the coast in Ivory Coast, Ghana and Togo.