Fire hose fun

Keepers got to grips with fire hose to produce a heart-shaped enrichment device for our animals.

The seven staff gave up their own time to attend a workshop led by our Senior Primate Keeper Jodie Dryden in which they weaved old fire service hose into shapes which can be used to hold treats and browse.

The enrichment devices will eventually be added to several enclosures to make feeding time more stimulating for our animals.

Jodie, who learned the weaving technique at a course a couple of years ago, shared her skills at the after-work session.

She said: “The staff all worked well together and helped each other out.

“They worked with people from different sections and are all keen to learn more enrichment techniques. I am hoping to show them how to make rope balls next.”

The fire hose shapes will be used with our tapirs, chimps, primates, giraffes and lorikeets.