Festive fir fun

It may be time to disassemble the Christmas decorations at home, but here at DZG they’re now being used for New Year enrichment!


Keepers have added leftover festive firs from Santa’s grotto into the enclosures of many of the site’s animals, including meerkats, big cats, macaques, cranes and lovebirds, providing them with exciting enrichment activities as they play hide and seek in the branches and sniff the heady pine scent.


Ungulates Section Leader, Jay Haywood, delivers the fir trees to the different enclosures

Curator Richard Brown, said: “The animals love the Christmas trees. It’s something different for them as they obviously don’t have fir trees all year round, but they climb all over them, hide amongst the branches and generally have a great time!”


Spot the Sumatran tigers! Daseep and Joao sniff out the new scent

And any trees not used as enrichment are put through the chipper by our gardeners and turned into woodchipping, which then becomes an inexpensive covering for many of the enclosures.