Festive decorations

We’re offering DZC lovers the chance to own a unique festive decoration – created by some of our very artistic animals during lockdown!

Over the past month the likes of our chimpanzees, orangutans, otters and ferrets have used brushes, fingers and paws to decorate ceramic tree decorations with colourful animal-friendly paint, which we’re selling in aid of our Covid-19 Animal Care Fund.

Team Leader, Jodie Dryden, said: “We give our animals lots of varied enrichment and painting is something we occasionally try with the great apes, but we thought we’d try it with a few more species during lockdown and we’ve been really impressed with the results.

“They’ve produced some lovely decorations which we hope will raise much-needed funds for the zoo.”

We only have a limited number of decorations available, created by Benji, Jazz & Sprout, our chimpanzees, otters and ferrets, priced £8 each.

We also have a selection of laminated handmade paper decorations, featuring colourful lemur hand prints and ferret paw prints, which we’ll be selling for £1 each.

The decorations can be purchased by calling 01384 215313 and can be posted out for an additional £1 P&P.