Fergie’s birthday breakfast treats!

There are birthday celebrations down on the farm as our Bactrian camel, Fergie, turns two today!

And Trainee Keeper, Amy Paddock, was on hand to dish out some special breakfast treats for her favourite birthday girl this morning, including carrots and dates, plus her daily camel feed mix in the shape of a number two!

Amy said: “I’ve got a very special soft spot for Fergie and she’s definitely my favourite animal on the farm.

“Two years ago I was working as a weekend keeper and she was born on a Saturday, so I was here on the day and it’s been fantastic to watch her grow up.

“She’s so adorable and excitable, although she does have the odd two-year-old tantrum, where she stamps her feet, especially when she’s impatiently waiting for her tea at the end of the day, but her dad also does that, so she’s picked up that cheeky trait from him!”

Amy caught Fergie’s foot stamping on camera – watch the short video below