Feeling hot, hot, hot!

When the heat is on, Dudley Zoo’s keepers are busy ensuring hundreds of exotic and endangered animals keep cool.


And with our 1,300-strong collection that can mean a busy schedule for staff across our 40-acre site. 

Drinking bowls and pools are topped up regularly using icy water and Brazilian tapirs, our babirusa, micro pigs and reindeer are smothered in sun cream to protect their skin. 

RIGHT – Senior Keeper Jodie Dryden gets set to plaster babirusa Nick in sunscreen to protect his sensitive skin.

Then in the Discovery Centre education block heat lamps are swopped for fans for some of our smaller animals. 


Elsewhere on site Keepers make up a variety of ice lollies for the animals including blood-flavoured popsicles for our big cats, like Sumatran tiger Joao shown left, while primates appreciate their icy treats made with different flavours of sugar-free squash.

Below – chimps Malaika and Fanny get to grips with a giant ice lolly


Zoo Director Derek Grove said: “We always adapt our work to weather conditions whatever time of year, but as the temperature rises it’s a constant requirement to make sure a wide variety of species stay cool, particularly when it’s as hot as it has been in the past few days.”

And there are some who like it hot – including our black and white ruffed lemurs (like the sun-seeker shown below) who enjoyed a spot of sunbathing!