Feed raises funds

Visitors have helped us raise more than £1,500 for in-situ conservation projects throughout the year by purchasing pots of nectar to feed our rainbow lorikeets.

Here at DZG were proud to lend our support to important animal campaigns and raise funds for vital awareness projects, including events such as World Camel Day, World Lion Day, International Orangutan Day, World Tapir Day and World Penguin Day.

On these days keepers have held events across the zoo site to raise awareness and funds for the charitable causes, but weve also been boosting the individual totals with money raised through sales of £1 nectar pots in Lorikeet Lookout on the specific days.

Did you know the nectar mixture is made up daily by our bird keepers each morning and consists of sugar, honey, golden syrup, black treacle and cod liver oil and forms the majority of their diet. 

The Australian rainbow lorikeets lap up the nectar using their unusual tongue, which is long and narrow with a bristly brush on the end.

A big ‘Thank You’ to everyone who has purchased nectar and fed our colourful birds and played a part in our conservation fundraising.