A fascinating keeper day!

Two animal lovers from Stoke-on-Trent had a fascinating day learning about some of the rarest animals in the world when they became zoo keepers for the day.

Alison Hopkins and Chris Colclough

Alison Hopkins and her partner, Chris Colclough, were treated to the unique experience by family last Christmas and visited DZG for the first time to take part.

Alison, aged 28, said: “Being so close to the animals gave us a completely different perspective of zoo life and the way animals evolve to adapt to their surroundings.

“We spent the day with four keepers who were clearly very passionate about their jobs and shared so many interesting facts and knowledge of the different species that we spent the day with.”

Throughout their experience the couple worked with big cats, primates, birds and ungulates, helping the keepers prepare food, feed, clean and care for their animal charges, with highlights including feeding our colony of penguins, which for Alison was an overwhelming meeting.

Chris, aged 32, said: “The whole day was a great experience for me and if I was asked what my favourite part was I would struggle to choose, although one part that did stand out was giving the orangutans a drink by hand, especially when the male appeared and I realised the size and dominance of him.”

Alison added: “We loved that the place is so hidden from the industrial town of Dudley that you forget you’re there and really feel like you’re out amongst the wildlife.

“It was a great day which we would recommend to anyone.”

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