Fanny has barrels of fun

Our oldest chimp Fanny had barrels of fun when she quickly got to grips with an enrichment exercise to grab treats from inside a blue barrel.


ABOVE AND BELOW – Not getting a look-in… Six of our seven chimps didn’t get chance to explore the new addition to the enclosure. Fanny was just too fast for them!


Forty-one-year-old Fanny amazed keepers with how speedily she mastered the activity to get inside the barrel and use her fingers to retrieve food from a mesh box fitted inside the top of the container.

The barrel was put up by DZG maintenance specialist Dan Whitehead, pictured below, who had to climb inside the barrel himself to secure it in place!

webchimpbarrel2   webchimpbarrel2

Head of Lower Primates Nicola Wright said: “There was a hole in the top of the barrel where we could add the food which then dropped into a mesh basket inside.

“It was really exciting to watch and I couldn’t believe it when Fanny climbed right inside and stopped the other girls from getting to the treats. She got the lot and left nothing for the others.

“As our oldest girl, Fanny was the last one I would have expected to do that. It made my day, it really did!”

Secreted at the top of the barrel were chunks of potato, tomato, apple, carrot and primate pellets.

See wonderful Fanny in action in our video below:

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