Fangs for the treatment

Asiatic lioness, Kyra, gave big cat keepers a fright when they noticed her bottom lip had become impaled on a tooth.

dzg_kyras_lip_1 Assistant Curator, Richard Brown, said he initially thought six-year-old Kyra had been stung by an insect when he saw her swollen mouth, but closer examination revealed she had bitten through her lip.     He said:?”I’m baffled as to how Kyra managed to do it, but we sorted her out when the zoo vet sedated her for a few minutes to allow us to free the lip from the lower canine.      “My first thought was that Kyra had been stung, but when I saw her mouth at close range I realised what had happened.    

“I have been working with big cats for 12 years, and this is the first time I?have come across such an incident.

  dzg_kyras_lip_1 “Thankfully, Kyra was fine afterwards and it certainly didn’t stop her from eating her supper that evening.”    

Asiatic lions are among the rarest species in the world and are highly endangered due to habitat destruction and hunting in the Gir Forest in Western India.




CAPTIONS: TOP: Kyra’s lower canine has punctured her bottom lip.


2: LEFT: The lip is pulled away from the tooth allowing the six-year-old lioness to eat properly.



Sooo tiring! Kyra’s soon back to normal after her tooth treatment.



And she certainly didn’t let the op affect her appetite!