Fang-tastic pumpkin effort!

We had a fang-tastic October half term as we welcomed more than 9,000 people on site to enjoy our Freak Week activities.

Hocus Pocus 2016 14

And huge thanks for the talented visitors who brought a carved pumpkin for our Hallowe’en pumpkin patch competition, and enjoyed discounted admission in return for the donation.00399

Marketing Manager, Andrea Hales, pictured above left, said: “We had a great week on site and the vegetables made a fantastic display as dusk fell in the castle courtyard during our Hocus Pocus family events.

“There were some brilliant designs and so much effort had gone into carving them out, but we chose this clever zoo pumpkin, featuring a spooky spider and bat as our winner!”

00398Congratulations Gemma Snowdon, an adoption package for Pumpkin, our male capybara, is on its way to you!

And we didn’t waste the pumpkin patch as they were handed out to all sections for keepers to use as animal enrichment – including the peccaries, who enjoyed some pumpkin football with theirs and the chimpanzees, who discovered a spooky scarecrow in their paddock.

Senior Keeper, Stacey Ball, said: “Mali was most interested in the scarecrow, which I made using bamboo canes and a sheet.

“It was a fun for them to play with something new and they soon removed the head and took it to the top of their climbing frame.”