Fancy waking up the zoo?

Fancy finding out what it’s like to wake up some of the rarest animals in the world?


On Sunday, April 24, we’re offering visitors the unique opportunity to join our Zoo Crew as they begin their daily duties by taking part in an early morning guided tour.

DZG Marketing Manager, Andrea Hales, said: “You’ll be following keepers as they begin the daily feeding and cleaning routines, learning about the vital conservation work we do along the way and getting up close and personal with our meerkat mob, Brazilian tapirs and Humboldt penguins.”

Starting at 8.45am, the behind-the-scenes tour lasts approximately two hours and finishes with a breakfast bap and hot drink in the Queen Mary Restaurant.

Participants are then welcome to spend the rest of the day touring the 40-acre site.

Places cost £40 for adults and £30 per child (minimum 8 years), which includes the tour, breakfast and zoo admission and must be pre-booked in advance by CLICKING HERE or calling 0844 474 2272.