Fancy dress education


Children from SS Mary and John’s Catholic Primary Academy in Wolverhampton donned fancy dress when they took part in an educational workshop at DZG.

The pupils dressed in flippers, armbands, swimming goggles, scarves, gloves, sun hats and sunglasses as part of Presenter Pam Midwood’s session about animal habitats and adaptations.

The youngsters heard all about the different habitats around the world and met creatures from different places, with Pam using the clothing to demonstrate the different living conditions for each one.

Pam said: “The fancy dress clothing helps reinforce the different conditions in habitats around the world and how animals are cleverly adapted to cope in these extreme conditions and is a fun way for the children to connect with what they’re hearing about.”

During the session the group met Elton the chinchilla – who is adapted for a cold climate, Priscilla the fire salamander who likes a wet habitat and Percy the bearded dragon who prefers warmth – as well as meeting the Discovery Centre’s hissing cockroaches and Charlie the education block’s resident blue and gold macaw.