Fancy a Sprout for Xmas?

Sprouts are an acquired taste; a scrumptious festive green delight, or a red-alert addition to the Christmas dinner plate, strictly for decoration.

Xmas-sprout-web-1But EVERYONE loves DZG’s Sprout – our gorgeous nine-month-old Bornean orang utan, the first of this highly endangered species to be born at Dudley Zoo in 19 years.

In less then a year she’s become one of our most popular animals, and admin staff are coping with a yuletide flow of adoptions from great ape fans across the country.

Head of Media and Communications, Jill Hitchman, said: “Sprout is simply adorable. You can’t help but love her and it’s no surprise that she has so many adopters.”

The youngster was born at the end of March and is gaining in confidence as she learns daily from mum, Jazz.

Jill added: “She’s becoming more and more independent and it’s fascinating to watch her progress. She is also spending more time away from mum, but still enjoys riding around the enclosure clinging tightly to her fur.”

To adopt Sprout for Christmas click on the left hand column on this page – but hurry, our final posting day is Wednesday, December 21 and pick up date from the Zoo offices is Thursday, December 22.

CAPTION: Sprout clings on tightly to mum, Jazz.