Family feast for Fergie

All three family members shared a celebration snack as our youngest Bactrian camel turned three today.

And the youngster (pictured in the centre), who was hand fed by keepers for the first three weeks after birth, has grown up fast as she’s already taller than her mum, Jimandi.

Senior Keeper Lesley Lewis, pictured feeding Fergie as a baby with the help of our Conservation Officer Chris Leeson and Senior Keeper Kirsty Thornton, said the birthday girl was very special to several keepers.

Lesley said: “There are a few of us who have a close connection to Fergie having hand fed her as a newborn with replacement calf milk.

“Mum struggled to feed the youngster herself so we gave her baby bottles of calf milk made from powder, which involved some late evening and early morning feeds.

“Suddenly one day, after about three weeks, I came in and Fergie was suckling from mum and we weren’t needed any more, which was wonderful.

“Fergie is a lovely character and can be quite mischievious. She does follow in her father’s footsteps though and stamps her foot when she is getting a bit impatient.”

Dad Charles, mum Jimandi and daughter Fergie all enjoyed some camel feed mix and leaves as a birthday treat.

Have a fun day Fergie!