Fallen tree ‘hideaway’

A fallen ash tree is providing a hideaway for a group of nine white lipped peccaries.


Assistant Curator, Richard Brown, said: “Although peccaries are not true pigs, they like to forage and hide, and some large trunk sections of the ash tree, which had to be felled, have been used to break up the enclosure and provide extra hiding places for them.”   He added:?”We have a non-breeding group of white-lipped peccaries, made up of five males and four females and the tree provides environmental enrichment and helps the peccaries to express their natural behaviour.”   dzg_peccary_logs3_a   The South American species is sometimes known as ‘musk hogs’ or ‘skunk pigs’, as they release a pungent odour from their scent glands. They are scavengers and can be an aggressive species.   White-lipped peccaries are declining in numbers due to habitat destruction and through hunting for food and a source of quality leather.