Face lit up with joy!

Jackie Johnson’s face just lit up when she got to feed the tigers as part of her Keeper for a Day experience at DZG.


The animal-loving Mum from Hull was treated to the experience by her daughter Ilona Park and the pair, pictured above with Rothschild’s giraffe Josie, shared the day together.

Ilona, pictured on the left, said: “I bought Mum the experience for Christmas after a friend from Hull had done it and recommended it to me.

“Mum was so excited and when she got to feed the tigers, her face just lit up. She also loved tickling the tapirs and feeding the penguins and giraffes.

“It was fantastic day and I’ll be recommending it to more people in Hull.”


Tall order… Ilona, front, is pictured feeding Mia, as her Mum Jackie feeds Josie.