Extending native species work

DZG extended its work with native species by helping clear a piece of important ecological land on our doorstep.

Working alongside Dudley Countryside Services, our Conservation Officer, Chris Leeson helped clear Peggy’s Meadow – located between DZG and the Black Country Living Museum.

Chris said: “The land is a natural meadow and is listed as a site of local importance for nature conservation, as well as being a home for rare orchids in the past, which we hope will return in the future.

“It had become overgrown and full of brambles and bracken, which the team cleared to allow for new plant growth.

“We were keen to lend a hand as these kinds of wild meadows are extremely important for a variety of native species, providing a natural habitat for critters including bees, butterflies, birds and small mammals, which always need encouraging and protecting.”

Our three giraffes also benefited from the work, as the team sent them a pile of browse branches to chew, while keepers also added smaller cut branches into the small primate enclosures as climbing aids.

Pictured top: L-R: Dudley Countryside Services Senior Warden, Ian Beech, Assistant Warden, David Hill,  Long-serving volunteer, Trevor Conroy, Volunteer, Lee Fraser, Warden, Robert Earnshaw, DZG Conservation Officer, Chris Leeson.