Exploring lemur twins

Spider, one of our newly named baby ring-tailed lemur twins, wasted no time living up to his moniker as keepers spotted him scuttling across the new children’s rope bridge!

The bridge is the latest addition to the new-look Lemur Wood, for anyone under 1.5 metres to use and keepers spotted Spider, who is the tiniest of the pair, hop, skip and jumping across the wooden slats.

Upper Primates Pat Stevens said: “Our male twins, Loki and Spider, were born on March 10 to mum Phoebe and dad Frank.

“Loki is bigger and more independent than Spider, but he’s quickly catching up and had a great time exploring the bridge on his own.”

And not to be outdone by his brother, here’s Loki exploring the new-look wood!

If you’re planning on visiting us during half term, make sure to stop by Lemur Wood, which is open every day from 11am and see if you can spot Loki and Spider and if you’re under 1.5 metres, why not try the rope bridge too!