Exciting news!

We’re incredibly excited to introduce you to Reggie, our new Linne’s two-toed sloth!

The three-year-old male has joined us from Amazon World Zoo Park on the Isle of Wight and is a first for DZG!

Curator Richard Brown said: “This is a species we’ve wanted as part of our expanding animal collection for many years so it’s great we’ve been able to welcome Reggie and we know he’ll be a very popular addition with our visitors.

“Hopefully in the future he will be joined by a female so we can be in a breeding position.”

Reggie has temporarily moved in with Tilda and Frank, our pair of Coppery titi monkeys and Francisco and Santiago our two Goeldi monkeys in the former indoor lynx enclosure, while a new purpose-built enclosure will be built in place of the tortoise enclosure in the coming weeks.

To allow Reggie to settle into his new home, the four small primates have been taken off-show for a few days before keepers begin a gradual introduction process.