Exceeded all expectations

Stourbridge couple, Philip and Jane Wilson, had a fantastic time joining DZG keepers for the day and want to return to do it all again with their sons!


The couple worked alongside the site’s staff in helping care for their animal charges and got up close to a variety of different species including chimpanzees, giraffes, tigers and penguins.

Philip, who developed a soft spot for Sprout, our cheeky Bornean orang utan youngster, said: “I can definitely say the whole day exceeded our expectations and left us wanting to return with our boys.

“We really enjoyed the primates section, especially meeting the orang utans and Sprout was very endearing and feeding the chimps was fun too.

“But the whole day was fantastic and we both commented on how keen, knowledgeable and engaging the keepers were.

“We were also particularly impressed with the condition and welfare shown to all your animals. DZG is a great advert for zoos.”