Ere’s yer bostin’ fittle!

DZG keepers are busy preparing taters, weeds and pays for our 200-strong endangered and exotic species ahead of  Black Country Day celebrations.


Head of Media and Communications, Jill Hitchman, said: “Every day our 1,300 animals are fed a vast selection of bostin’ fresh, seasonal fruit and vegetables, all sourced locally to ensure they get the very best. 

“As a nod to our Black Country roots and next week’s celebrations we decided to use the local lingo when labelling up the veg basket!”



The Black Country flag will fly atop Dudley Castle, at the heart of the gardens, throughout the weekend (Fri 11- July 14) and during Keeper For a Day experiences staff will be teaching non-locals a few useful words such as Owamya and Tara Fer Now. 

Safari Shop merchandise includes Black Country flags and badges and outreach workers and face painters will be joining the festivities in Stone Square throughout the afternoon of July 12.  

Caption: Bornean orangutan, Jorong, eyes up the fresh vegetables delivered by Upper Primates Section Leader, Pat Stevens.