Enclosure spruce up!

As we begin disassembling the decorations for another year, we’re appealing for donations of POTTED Christmas trees to help spruce up some of our enclosures.

Any unwanted rooted festive firs can be re-planted straight into the ground of our animal exhibits, including our new £100,000 extended snow leopard enclosure, which is set to complete by the end of the month.

Curator Richard Brown, pictured right, said: “Any donations of rooted and potted Christmas trees will be gratefully received as we can plant them in a number of enclosures around the 40-acre zoo site including the wild dogs, Carpathian lynx, lions, primates, red pandas and our forthcoming Prevost’s squirrel enclosure.

“And because they’re evergreens, they’ll provide extra cover and additional enrichment for the various species all year round.”

Any donations of POTTED and ROOTED fir trees only can be handed to our Customer Services team in the Safari Shop, please note we do not need cut Christmas trees.