Enclosure design workshop

Students from Solihull College discovered the many logistics of animal enclosure design during an educational workshop.


The teenagers heard how keepers and development staff begin designing specific enclosures for different animal species, incorporating important elements such as animal welfare standards and viewing areas for members of the public.

Presenter Pam Midwood – pictured above with the Solihull College students – also explained how DZG incorporates our unique collection of Tecton structures into certain animal enclosures and how they all need off-show dens and areas for the animals and staff to access.

Following her talk, Pam tasked the group with designing and making a suitable enclosure for some of the Discovery Centre’s cockroaches.

Pam said: “The students had to think about how to put together a suitable home for cockroaches, taking into account the right substrate and adding in relevant enrichment, food and water – even with an animal as small as a cockroach, there is still a lot to consider when putting together an enclosure for them which will be ideal for their needs.”