Ellie’s experience

Ellie Jai had such a great time as a Little Keeper for a Day that she wrote to tell us all about it!


Ellie, from Barrowden, Rutland, said: “It was my 10th birthday and I asked my mum for a zoo keeper experience day for my present because I love animals and would love to be a keeper when I am older.

“I chose Dudley Zoo because family members live not far from there and it is a nice zoo.

“When my I got there with my mum, we met the keeper, who was really nice, kind and fun.  There were three other children on the experience with me and we all got our goody bags. 

“We then went around the zoo meeting some animals.  We fed the penguins and the meerkats and we cleaned out the sheep, which was really good because it showed us that to be a zoo keeper you have to do the dirty jobs as well as the feeding and caring. 

“We also went into the Discovery Centre where I met some animals that I have never seen before.  I held a rat, a milk snake, a blue-tongued lizard and I had a whiff of a ferret.  This was one of my favourite parts of the day.

“I also met the tapir and had a cuddle and a stroke.  I have a lovely photo of this to keep from the zoo.

“The whole day was amazing and I definitely want to do this again.  When I got home I told my mum it was the best day ever.”

If you would like to follow in Ellie’s footsteps and become a Little Keeper for a Day click here for more information.