Ellie joins Elliot

Dudley Zoo has said Guten Tag to Ellie who has just arrived from Germany to join her new binturong boyfriend Elliot.

The female binturong or bearcat, who turns one next month, has moved from Tierpark in Berlin to share DZG’s wonderful new £25,000 enclosure with one-year-old Elliot.

The pair will slowly be introduced to each other over the next week and we hope that one day we’ll be announcing the pitter patter of binturong babies.

When Elliot arrived from Olomouc Zoo in the Czech Republic, at the start of May, it was the first time we’d held the fascinating species and we had always planned to bring in a companion for him.

Assistant Curator Jay Haywood said: “Ellie is quite a placid animal and we are delighted to welcome her to share a home with Elliot.

“She is already quite confident and was as bold as brass when she first went into the outdoor section of the enclosure, exploring every part of it.

“We look forward to getting to know her character and temperament. Keepers from Berlin have told us her favourite food is strawberries.”

Ellie, who was transported by Specialist Wildlife Services, arrived on June 14 after making the 24-hour journey by road and the Channel Tunnel.

Willkommen, Ellie!