Ella joins colony

Welsh artist, Guy Wooles, was so impressed with our newly-opened Penguin Bay that he created a unique avian addition.

guy_wooles8-web_0Working with old newspapers, Penarth-based Guy crafted a paper penguin, named Ella, using skills first practised as an undergraduate for his final year project.

He said: “Twelve years ago I set up the Paper Penguin Project as a final year piece of work for my degree in Fine Art in Context.

“The project was designed to be a fun and interesting as well as educational but, sadly, it has lain dormant for a few years.

“However, I’ve now decided to reinvigorate the programme and get it up and running again and hit on the idea of creating Ella for DZG.”

He added: “My penguins have appeared at the North Pole, New Zealand and Hong Kong, to name but a few far-off places, they are well travelled, and I’m hoping Ella will have a few adventures of her own.”

Head of Media and Communications, Jill Hitchman, said; “Ella’s a welcome addition to the colony, although she’s a tad more delicate than the rest so we’ll have to be a bit careful where she strays, but I’m sure she’ll be right at home at DZG.

“We’d like to say a big thanks to Guy for his unique creation.”

Check out Guy’s paper penguin project at www.paperpenguins.co.uk

CAPTION: Guy Wooles with Ella, the paper penguin he created for DZG.