Elf discovers a new arrival!

Dudley the zoo elf discovered an early Christmas present for our bird keepers –it’s our newest DZG arrival – a female Victoria crowned pigeon.

The impressive blue-grey coloured bird, is the largest pigeon species in the world and is distinguished by the spectacular fanned crest of white-tipped feathers on its head and its striking red eyes.

Section Leader, Nicola Wright, said: “The pigeon has joined us from Banham Zoo and is settling into Lorikeet Lookout.

“We’re really pleased to have her here and we’re hoping to soon have a male to join her so we can form a breeding pair.”

A predominantly ground-dwelling bird, the species is classed as vulnerable and has suffered a rapid decline due to the destruction of its habitat, plus it’s also a prized trophy for poachers.

Make sure you visit our walkthrough exhibit, which opens daily from 11am, where you can feed our free-flying rainbow lorikeets.

Other species in there include roul roul partridges, white throated monitor lizards, Azara’s agouti, koi karp and red-eared terrapins.

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