Egg-stra goodness

British Egg Week brought a few eggs-tra treats for DZG’s small mammals.


The week-long event, which runs from October 6 – 12, aims to show people how eggs are an excellent and beneficial meal source – and DZG’s animals certainly agree!

The 40-acre site’s meerkats, mongoose and otters, as well as red pandas, cockatoos, parrots, magpies and partridges all like to tuck into eggs as an occasional treat, as not only are they tasty, but they’re a brilliant health boosting source too, especially when the weather turns colder and are perfect for animals and humans!

Assistant Curator, Richard Brown, said: “From hard boiled to raw eggs, many of DZG’s animals love the taste of them and as they’re packed full of protein and vitamins, they’re also a natural source of egg-stra goodness.

“Some animals get their egg chopped up into small pieces, while others like the parrots, meerkats and mongoose enjoy their eggs whole, shell and all, which is also rich in calcium.

“They soon figure out how to crack the shell and get to the tasty filling inside.”