Egg-ceptionally good fun!

There’s been lots of monkeying around this Easter holiday down at our walkthrough exhibit Monkey Tails.


Keepers in Lower Primates have been providing Easter enrichment for our two titi monkeys Ross and Frank, our Saki monkeys Rio and Splodge and two meerkats Lucky and Marvin there.

Even the new residents African spurred tortoises, Larry and Percy, and Hermann’s tortoises, Tiggy and Tom, joined in the fun searching for eggs.

Section Leader Nicola Wright said: “Keepers hid snacks and treats among baskets and inside plastic eggs to make feeding time more egg-citing in Monkey Tails!

“Meerkats Lucky and Marvin found mealworms in the bottom of baskets of coloured eggs and our titi monkeys found seeds and small pieces of fruit inside plastic eggs.”


ABOVE : Lower Primates Senior Keeper, Stacey Ball, adds eggs and Easter baskets to the meerkat enclosure


ABOVE: Titi monkey Ross explores one of the Easter treats

Nicola also organised an Easter egg hunt for our seven female chimps Mandy, Fanny, Barbie, Malaika, Binti, Mali and Banika.

She cooked up a pile of hard boiled eggs and hid them around the one-acre chimpanzee enclosure for the girls to root out.

Nicola said: “They really enjoyed it, especially Binti and Malaika. I think they had three each! They all peeled the eggs and discarded the shell before tucking into their Easter treat.”

And beyond Monkey Tails, the Easter fun continued in our Lower Primates section with the spider monkeys getting in on the act too. Chester, Charlie, Evita and Valentine rummaged through baskets to find food and keepers also secreted raisins in holes they drilled in branches.